How Much Alone Time Do You Need in a Relationship?

Just because you love spending time with your boo doesn’t mean you don’t want to spend time with… you!

“The Real” hosts chatted about the importance of making “me” time with yourself even if you’re in a relationship, and on Thursday’s show, they revealed how they like to spend those precious moments alone.

Adrienne thinks “me” time is absolutely necessary, and she’s all about making time for her — she even has some ideas of how others can make solo occasions work for them. “Sometimes just taking a day for yourself, go somewhere, go for a long walk and enjoy yourself. Go grab food by yourself. I go to the movies by myself, I like to sit in a bookstore and read by myself.”

Adrienne cherishes doing things on her own — she attends church unaccompanied sometimes and then meets her husband Israel later.

And while Adrienne thought that having her time alone meant she couldn’t be with her husband, she recently added him to some solo activities, like reading.

Tamera actually has a “please do not disturb” sign, and Adam is the one who bought it! Tam’s a fan of taking a bubble bath and watching certain shows alone, and her number one activity to do solo is working out. “I’m taking care of myself,” she explained.

For Loni, girl time is a necessity. “I just think it’s important to still maintain those relationships because it’s still a part of my individuality. But you don’t want him to be offended. If he’s getting offended, then you got to find a way to kind of, you know, merge it.”

How do you like to spend your “me” time?


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