Patti Stanger Reveals One of the Biggest Dating No-Nos

Patti Stanger has one piece of advice for all you daters out there — and it has to do with your ex! The Millionaire Matchmaker chatted with the ladies of “The Real” on Thursday’s show, where she served up her dating tips and dished on the one thing you should probably avoid doing when initially getting into a relationship.

When Jeannie asked for Patti’s tricks of the dating trade, she advised, “The number one thing you have to do is decide what you want and not switch to the other side of the street just because it’s chemistry. You have to see that chemistry is not 100 percent. There are financial things that you gotta talk about. There are family things… Like if I want a kid and you don’t want a kid, forget it! If I want to get and you don’t want to get married, forget it! Next, next, next.”

Patti doesn’t call partners soulmates, she calls them “lifemates,” because you want to make sure your significant other is in it for the long-haul and is compatible with your lifestyle.

So, what’s her biggest dating no-no?

“One takeaway is don’t talk about your ex until you’re ready to talk about your ex,” Patti said. “It’s going to come up, but not on the first date. Don’t give your rap sheet to the floor.”

She added, “They don't want to become your therapist.”

What’s the best piece of dating advice you’ve ever received, Real fam? Would you talk about your ex on a first date?


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