Do You Like to Sing When You’re Alone?

There are a lot of things people tend to do when they’re alone without anyone there to witness it… and one of those things is singing at the top of their lungs!

If you enjoy belting out a tune with nobody around, you’re not the only one, and the ladies of “The Real” are here for the joyful pastime.

Even though Adrienne can sing, she likes to croon by her lonesome. She finds a good spot in her “house that has some great acoustics” and “some nice natural echo” and then she belts out some Whitney Houston!

Tamera’s song of choice? “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Jeannie apparently sings everywhere according to Adrienne, who shares a wall with her! Jeannie’s all about the ‘90s R&B. But take note — she does not like to be corrected on her lyrics! She asked, “What if I was freestyling?”

Tam just lets Jeannie go when she catches her singing her heart out. “You notice, I never stop you, because I feel the happiness in her voice.”

Loni added jokingly, “You may not hear the note, but you hear the happiness. That’s all that matters.”

Did y’all know Loni can sing, and she will sing anywhere? “Loni can actually really sing. No, I’m telling you she can,” Adrienne revealed to the audience.

Do you like singing when you’re alone, Real fam?


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