Why Jeannie Would Send Someone a Wedding Gift Even If She Wasn’t Invited!

Would you send a wedding gift to someone even if you weren’t invited to the wedding? The hosts of “The Real” voiced their opinions on this topic on Friday’s show.

Adrienne said that she felt the act “shows that you have good intentions and good motives.” Ade explained, “It’s not about, ‘Oh, I’m getting her a gift because I got the invitation. I’m getting her a gift because I saw something that made me think of her and you know what? I’m going to do my part.’ The end.”

Loni said she wouldn’t give a gift if an invitation wasn’t offered. Tamera, however, says she “never gives with the expectation of getting something in return.”

Jeannie admitted that she would totally be down to make the gesture happen! “I don’t get why there’s such a big problem,” she said. “You didn’t invite me to your wedding. Yo, you’re telling me that Saturday night I could be chilling at home on my couch in my pajamas rather than electric sliding with your damn uncle on your dance floor. I’m sending you a thank you card!”

Jeannie clarified that she gets invited to a lot of weddings – 11 just this year! She added, “Which is why you are getting a gift as a thank you card for not inviting me!”

Would you rather be chilling at home like Jeannie, or are you all about attending weddings?


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