Dating Dos & Don’ts from 'The Real' Hosts

One topic the hosts of “The Real” always come back to is… dating. Everything from relationship advice and online etiquette to personal experiences with men have been discussed on the show, and Adrienne, Loni, Tamera, and Jeannie have all opened up about their opinions on dos and don’ts of dating.

What are some of the gems they’ve served up over the years?

Adrienne got real about how some women looking to date “the fantasy” – someone who meets everything on their list – might be missing out on what they actually need. Her analogy for looking for Mr. Right? “You have to change your filters.” She explained, “I have so many girlfriends that are missing out on so many options out there because they have their minds on something very specific.”

What about dating a younger man? Jeannie doesn’t think you should judge a man or any person by their age! Jeannie remarked last year, “It’s all about their experience. And on that note, it depends on what type of experience you want to have!”

When the ladies talked about dating men who can’t get their life together aka “struggle love,” Loni weighed in on the term, reminding women they can do better! “We think that we are going to be alone and we think there’s nobody out there for us, and that’s dangerous to think, because it’s just not true.” She wants women to live their best lives and have the confidence to let some people go!

When it comes to questions you should ask a man before being intimate with him, Jeannie suggests, “What do you think I should know right now before we do this, because I would want them to really think about what it is that I need to know.”

How much time does it take to fall in love with someone? When the ladies discussed if 30 days is too soon to say "I love you," Tam recalled her own experience, revealing that telling the difference between love and infatuation can be difficult at times. She revealed, “I think it depends on the individual, but I know when I was dating a long time ago, I had to really question if I was infatuated with the person or if I was truly in love with the person... because in the beginning, you know when you’re really, really smitten, you really don’t truly know who that person is, because when you’re smitten and when you’re in lust, you skip the red flags and sometimes you make excuses.”

Real fam, are there dating rules you always follow?


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