Erika Jayne on What She’s Learned About Making a Marriage Last

"Real Housewife of Beverly Hills" star Erika Jayne celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary this year. So, we’re all wondering, what’s the secret to her marital bliss?

Erika chatted with the ladies of “The Real,” and when guest co-host Yvette Nicole Brown asked about the important things she’s learned about marriage over the years, Erika had some words of wisdom to share about making a marriage endure.

Erika said, “I think you have to communicate, and I think you have to be friends and have compromise. And you have to want to be married. You have to want it to work.”

It doesn’t hurt that she sounds like she’s an expert gift-giver! While Erika normally presents her hubby with socks or underwear, last Christmas she came through with a designer toilet from Japan! She remarked, “I know it’s weird, but what else can I get him?” Erika also revealed that she and her husband have separate bathrooms. She joked, “That’s how you stay married!”

Real fam, what do you think makes a marriage last? Is there a gift you've given to your significant other that you’re especially proud of?


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