Motivation Time! 'The Real' Hosts on Fitness & Making Healthy Changes

It’s not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, get to the gym, or be kind to yourself and your body... and sometimes you need some inspiration!

Motivation comes in different forms, and the ladies of “The Real” have been known to share their honest thoughts, tips, and personal preferences and experiences with fitness and healthy living.

What are their thoughts on getting yourself motivated, active, and feeling yourself?

When Loni and Jeannie talked about going to a hip-hop class last year, Jeannie advised that sticking with a class or activity you love is key to staying active. “I think that’s the biggest tip to working out. Find something you like.” If you’re not into hiking or the gym, there are options! She added, “Do something you actually enjoy.”

Jeannie is also a fan of getting motivated by someone else. Having a workout partner might keep you in check! “Accountability is everything,” she said. “When you have somebody who holds you down and is like, ‘Yo, are we gonna do this today? Yes!’ It’s the fist bump that really keeps you in tune with what your plan is.”

Loni said she's been inspired by her fellow hosts. “You ladies have been very motivating to me,” she shared. “And it’s just something you have to get yourself accustomed to. How you eat, how you move. And it really isn’t a lot, that’s what I’ve been finding out.”

Tamera explained that she made lifestyle changes for herself and her health. “I want to be authentic to myself, and I do it for myself... and when I’m happy, everyone else is happy.”

When the ladies talked about being fearful about going the gym, because super fit people might be intimidating, Adrienne felt that others around her were motivation to work harder. She said of the women with six-packs, “I’m there to accomplish a goal, to get to a goal... I’m trying to get like you! Use those people as inspiration and not intimidation. Don’t be intimidated, because somebody else has a six-pack. Trust me, she worked really hard at getting that, and you can too!”

Real fam, how do you get motivated to stay healthy and active?


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