Do You Have Fashion Choices You Regret from Your Past?

Ever look at a throwback pic of yourself and cringe while wondering what you were thinking!?

Adrienne opened up about older career choices on Friday’s show, admitting that sometimes she (and Loni and husband Israel!) make fun of her past work. But Adrienne makes fun of Israel, too! She's poked fun at him for outfits he wore back in the day. “Who dressed you?” she joked. She also revealed she thinks some of the ensembles she’s rocked in the past were, in her words, nuts!

“Anything that could pass as leopard print!” Adrienne laughed, as Loni, Jeannie, and guest bro-host tWitch giggled along with her.

Adrienne added, “So, there’s things that I look back at and I’m like, ‘Nah.’ It’s okay. We can all make fun of it together.”

We all have questions about fashion from another time in our lives, right? There have been some odd and unfortunate trends through the years that were inescapable.

Is there a particular style you wore back in the day that you now regret?


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