Is There Something That Never Fails to Wreck Your Whole Day?

You know how one thing can throw everything else off? The hosts of “The Real” revealed the little pet peeve incidents and annoyances that never fail to turn their good days into bad ones.

Adrienne admitted the small thing that gets her is breaking a nail! “If my nail is completely chipped, I swear everybody’s staring at it. I feel like it wrecked my whole outfit, my whole look. Now I don’t look presentable!”

Loni can’t stand being late, and even though she’s trying to get over it, it messes up her whole day because she can’t get that time back. The good thing is the other hosts appreciate her consistent punctuality.

Jeannie knows it might be petty, but getting pulled over or getting a parking ticket will always make her mad.

Tamera seemed embarrassed to confess this, but she’s forgotten to brush her teeth in the past, and it ended up bothering her because she didn’t know how to deal with it. “I did ask Loni one time to smell my breath, and I didn’t brush my teeth that day!”

Real fam, do you agree with Loni, Tam, Adrienne and Jeannie on their answers? What little thing always ruins your day?


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