Which Questions Do You Ask on a First Date?

When you’re getting to know someone, you typically grill them with a standard list of questions about themselves – inquiries about where your potential partner grew up, what they do and what hobbies are usually come up on a first date.

According to Cosmo, one question that everyone should always ask is: “What’s one thing you want to ask me, but you’re too nervous to?”

The ladies of “The Real” discussed this possible inquiry on Monday’s show, and other must-ask queries for learning the most you can at the beginning of a relationship.

Adrienne asked, “Would you allow someone to ask you anything they want to ask you on a first date?” Jeannie is all for honesty right off the bat! “I think the question is the dopest, realest question.”

Jeannie added that vulnerability is key, saying, “It doesn’t mean that they have to be the one, but you’ll learn something about each other and yourself that will make you a better person.”

So, what would Jeannie ask? When she goes on a date, she likes to find out the other person’s insecurities and what freaks them out, and she even asks if they’re nervous. Because Jeannie clearly had a lot of questions for one date, he told her to write a list so he could take his time, and she ended up writing down 19 questions.

Adrienne chimed in on the importance of “knowing what you want in life and being straight up” from the start. But is there a question that’s off limits? Jeannie answered, “Don’t hold back. Ask your questions. You can never say the wrong thing to the right person.”

Real fam, do you agree? Which questions do you make sure to ask on a first date? Is there a question you would never ask or never want to be asked?


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