Why Love Can Make You Want to Do Better

Being in love doesn’t have to distract — it can motivate you to do your best. “The Real” hosts opened up about the idea that relationships can encourage you to reach your goals and achieve your dreams on Monday's show.

Adrienne asked, “Is it really love if it doesn’t inspire you? Is it really love if it doesn’t want to make you be better and make you believe in yourself?” She believes that there are people in our lives who she calls “purpose partners” who encourage and motivate us. “That’s who you should be with.”

Loni noted that when you first get into a relationship you might choose how you spend your time differently and neglect certain social events to spend time with your new love. “It’s all about you setting your goals, whatever your dreams are, and sticking to it. And you are responsible, whether you’re single or if you’re with someone.”

Tamera explained that her husband Adam was the one who encouraged her to take the job on “The Real.” That’s how she really knew he was the one — he wasn’t intimidated by her goals.

Jeannie always asks herself if people in her life give her weight or give her wings. “When you’re with them, do you feel like you’re getting air? Do you feel like you’re making progress? Do you feel like you’re getting closer to those dreams and making some movement together? Do you feel like they’re dragging you down, they’re holding you back, they’re actually wearing you out. If they’re giving you weight, clip that!”

How does your partner motivate you? Do you think love is a distraction or an inspiration?


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