When Asking How You Look, Do You Really Want the Truth?

In most situations, we all want our significant others and our friends to keep it real with us. Relationships deserve pure, unadulterated honesty, but perhaps there are some questions that have some white lie wiggle room.

For instance, age-old inquiries on appearance or clothing and hair choices… If you’re asking your man how you look, do you really want to always hear the truth?

Jeannie’s advice for a man answering these questions? “Keep it a hundred. Always keep it a hundred. First of all, if you don’t agree with a man keeping it a hundred, don’t ask it if you ain’t ready to hear it. Don’t put him in that position.”

Adrienne wants people to remember that when someone says something like, they don’t like your hair, they’re only saying they don’t like your hair... and that’s as far is it goes. “If he married you, or he chose you and he’s dating you, he obviously thinks you’re cute. Maybe the hairstyle just isn’t… Stop being so sensitive. Don’t take everything… If the dress isn’t his favorite dress, that’s okay.”

Loni adds that when a man knows his woman, he’s going to answer in a way that won’t hurt her feelings.

Tamera agrees that if your man knows you, he knows how to speak to you. She uses Adam as an example. When she inquires about certain looks she’s unsure about, he is honest by asking her, “Do you feel comfortable in that?” That works for Tam, and she prefers that approach to a lie.

Jeannie wants the total truth. “The love language for me is keep it one hundred, and then I’ll decide if I want to listen to you or not.”

How do you want your man to respond when you ask him about your looks? Are you all about complete honesty here?


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