Yup, Tamera Talks to Her Plants

Tamera has an, um, interesting method for keeping her plants alive — allow her to fill you in!

On Tuesday’s show, when the ladies discussed whether they felt responsible enough to take care of plants, Tam revealed a personal gardening hack that seems to be working for her.

While Loni and Jeannie admitted they find it a struggle to make the time to even water plants, Tam explained that she maintains a whole garden!

Tamera shared, “I love plants. I’ve talked about this before. I have a whole garden.” She’s got tomato, kale, herbs and more. So, how do Tamera and her apparent green thumb do it?

Tamera advised, “You know, you have to talk to plants, too.” She says that’s nothing new, and that you should say positive things and encouraging words to help them grow!

Jeannie has a lot of respect for those who keep a garden going, calling the act "a beautiful hobby."

Loni says that right now she doesn’t have the time, but she eventually might be open to getting a dog!

Real fam, are you with Tamera? Do you have gardening tips or tricks to share, or do you prefer a plant-free existence?


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