Does Social Media Rule Your Life?

Could you completely give up social media? Loni, Jeannie and Adrienne chatted about digital detoxing in a discussion on Wednesday about how much money it would take to stay off Instagram and Twitter for a year.

Adrienne seemed all about the prospect cutting down on social media if she could. “Take it from me, I don’t want it! I swear to you! I hate being on my phone.” She said it minimizes the quality time she has with people, but she relies on it for work. Adrienne also admitted it often gives her anxiety.

Jeannie says she loves social media, but she’s not obsessed with it, and she also enjoys connecting with people, saying, “I like it, but it doesn’t run my life.”

Loni feels that social media can really take over our lives, and we have to be careful. These days, Loni balances her usage, and isn’t online as much. Even though she likes reading the news and sharing things, she’s scaling back.

Jeannie shared, “Social media ain’t real life, y’all. You can’t put a filter on your life at all times.”

Adrienne has to come to a point where she leaves her phone for days when she’s spending time with her family and friends. If Loni ditched social media, she would go a completely different route and keep a journal. “We have to challenge ourselves to look at things differently,” she added.

Real fam, how big a role does social media play in your life? How long could do you think you could realistically go without it?


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