'The Real' Ladies Reveal Their Shopping Habits

Everyone has a preferred shopping practice, be it browsing online for hours, hitting up a department store all day, or just getting the job done as quickly as humanly possible.

On Thursday's show, Adrienne, Loni, Jeannie and guest co-host Mel B discussed how they like to get their shopping on, and it seems like they have varying approaches to making purchases.

Mel B budgets herself, so she rarely buys stuff online, sharing, “I always get stuff that I know is going to fit.”

Adrienne has said that she tries to avoid shopping in person at all costs, so it’s no surprise to hear that going to the store for an afternoon of trying on outfits is not on her priority list.

Adrienne exclaimed, “I am very efficient. I know exactly what I want. I google that. I find it. I put it in the cart. I buy that one thing that I was specifically looking for and then I get mad hype because it’s coming in the mail!” No buyer’s remorse for her, and she’s all about tracking her purchase along the way!

Loni isn’t an online shopper. She goes to the store for her stuff. “I want to try it on, I want to smell it,” Loni said, adding that she likes walking out with bags.

Jeannie is still an old-school mall shopper and loves that whole experience. She also loves loading up a shopping cart online only to let it chill until she’s really sure she wants to buy. Her attitude? “I say that if you still have something in your cart after three days and you still want it, then you want to buy it. If you forgot about it until you log on again, then you know you didn’t need that anyway!”

Which host’s shopping approach do you connect with most? Do you like to buy online… or do you like the in-person shopping experience?


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