What Do You Think Your Clothes Say About You?

Does what someone wears have to do with how other people perceive their intelligence? “The Real” hosts shared their thoughts on a study that revealed that women who dress sexy might be perceived as less educated, and thought of as having less of a chance for success.

Adrienne calls this notion an antiquated way of thinking. “My biggest thing is, you know what’s appropriate and you know what is not appropriate. Now there is a different between dressing sexy and obviously just being clearly completely inappropriate.” She went on to say that if she saw a woman dressing sexy, that doesn’t mean she’s making a judgement about her I.Q.!

Like Adrienne, Jeannie doesn’t agree with this, but she made a point about how quick people are to judge based on appearances. If a woman only puts what society thinks is sexy on display, then others might think that’s all she has to show for it, which isn’t true. “It’s all about the packaging,” she noted.

Tamera thinks sexiness and sensuality are more of a mood. “You can be sexy all dressed up and also you can look a hot mess showing too much.” Adrienne chimed in, “You can be completely covered up and be viewed as sexy.”

Loni used the comedy world as an example, adding that some comics tend not to show a lot of skin, because it might hinder ticket sales.

Do you think clothing choices affect how people perceive intelligence? Have you ever judged someone based on their clothes?


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