Why Honesty Matters in a Relationship

Some say the foundation of a healthy relationship is trust, so if a relationship is built on a lie, can it ever survive?

On Friday’s show, “The Real” hosts got into why honesty is a partner priority, and detailed their thoughts on absolute dating deal-breakers.

As Adrienne noted in the past, “Everything done in the dark comes to the light.” It’s not just big lies she’s concerned about, it’s the little ones too. “If you lie about the small things, you’re definitely going to lie about the big things, and I personally believe that the best relationships are built on friendships. If you can’t generally be my friend and love me, whether this relationship is going to work out or not, then what am I even investing in?”

Loni’s relationship advice to single women? Make a list of things you will not tolerate with a man. For Jeannie, lies are a number one no-no. “If I catch you lying, you lose me. Completely done.”

Tamera has no time for dishonesty either, something she learned from her mother. “You’re never going to get in trouble if you are honest from the beginning. You might have some consequences, but you know, I’m not going to be mad at you as a human being.”

If you’re lying to Tamera about the little things, she won’t be able to get past that, and she’ll always be questioning your authentic self. “I’d rather you be authentic self and not perfect than to lie and pretend you’re perfect.” To that, Adrienne responded, “Preach!”

Real fam, what’s your number one dating deal-breaker?


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