Here’s How Lil Yachty’s Prepping for His Future Girlfriend

Just because you don’t have a special someone in your life right now, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get ready for them to come along! Just take it from Lil Yachty!

Lil Yachty was a guest on Monday’s episode of “The Real,” and the rapper revealed he’s been stocking up on some very cool gifts for his future lady, even though he’s currently not seeing anyone.

The vintage fashion enthusiast has a collection of clothes he's purchased over the years, telling Adrienne, Jeannie, Loni and Tamera that he’s been collecting women’s clothing for when he “one day gets a girlfriend.”

“I have a whole collection,” he said. His bounty includes heels, and even vintage Prada and Chanel!

It sounds like Lil Yachty is searching for his own Cinderella love story! He noted, “If it fits, I guess that means it makes sense.”

In case you’re curious, what does he look for in a woman? He “wouldn’t want a fake woman.” Lil Yachty says he likes “someone who can really understand and accept his flaws.” He’s also looking for attention!

Have you ever bought something in hopes of someday giving it to a significant other? Would you collect something with a potential partner in mind?


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