Are You Cool with Someone Checking Out Your Man?

When does flirting go from innocent to disrespectful? On Wednesday’s show, the ladies of “The Real” weighed in on whether they would be comfortable with another woman visibly flirting with their man.

After Jenna Bush Hager admitted she would “kind of love it,” Adrienne, Loni, Jeannie and Tamera shared their thoughts on what level of flirting they would be all good with.

For Tamera, there’s a difference between flirting and “noticing.” When things border on touchy-feely, the situation crosses a line. “It depends on what she’s doing,” she added. “I don’t want her hanging on my man, I don’t want her touching my man, I don’t want her hugging. I don’t want her doing any of that.” Checking him out is another story. When another woman noticed her husband Adam, she was like, “Yeah, he fine!

Jeannie really likes when someone notices who she’s with, but she doesn’t necessarily want to put the responsibility on the woman. Her motto? “Life is 10 percent what happens to you, 90 percent what you do about it.”

Being flirty in a “cute silly way” is different from being disrespectful. Adrienne thinks it’s cute when Loni and Israel flirt with each other, because it isn’t serious! As far as strangers are concerned, that’s where it gets tricky. “It depends on if it’s serious or if it’s disrespectful.”

Speaking of noticing, Loni revealed that James is getting a lot more attention lately!

So, are you down with someone “checking out” your significant other? Are you good with a little friendly flirting, or is that off limits in a relationship?


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