Positivity Time! 'The Real' Hosts' Uplifting Quotes on Happiness

Need a mid-week pick-me-up? We’re bringing positive vibes to your Wednesday by serving up some gems for getting your happy on!

Happiness doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone, but the hosts of “The Real” have been known to discuss finding personal joy, self-love and contentment on the show. What are some of the quotes they’ve come through with on the topic? It’s time for some real positivity, Real fam.

Tamera once recalled that one of the most important things she learned prior to getting married was that her husband wouldn’t necessarily bring her happiness. “It’s a lot of pressure to make your significant other happy all the time,” she learned. “I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to do that every day,” her pastor told her.

Adrienne shouted out the idea that “there’s a difference between joy and happiness.” She said, “Joy should be unconditional, whereas happiness is conditional, some days you’re happy, some days you’re not. But you can have joy in your heart all the time.”

Loni isn’t one to count on others for happiness — she doesn’t need to look for joy outside of herself. “I’ve always had joy, whether I’ve had a man or didn’t have a man.” She advises, “You can be single and still have a life.” Yes!

Adrienne has pointed to our constant need to want more, even if that doesn’t fulfill you. “It’s about the quality of life. You gotta find what makes you happy,” she said, noting that we’re caught in a cycle of striving for the next thing. Sometimes just what we need is right in front of us!

When Tamera says people ask her why she’s so happy all the time, she thinks the answer is a simple one: It’s because she chooses to be. “It doesn’t mean I do not have struggle, it doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days.” She doesn’t let her circumstances define her, but she works hard at choosing happy.

It’s all about the simple act of gratitude, according to Jeannie! “Happiness has to come with one ingredient: Being grateful.”

What brings you joy? How do you define happiness?


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