When Do You Think It’s Okay to Fib to Your Kids?

Have you encountered a time when telling a little white lie to your children was warranted?

John Legend revealed to his followers last weekend that he and wife Chrissy Teigen were celebrating their daughter Luna’s third birthday at Disneyland a few days early because he had to work on her actual birthday.

He captioned a cute photo of Chrissy, Luna and himself enjoying family time, “As far as she knows, her birthday is today. Don't tell her it's sunday please. Daddy has to work on Sunday. Thank you.”

John’s dilemma prompted the ladies of “The Real” to ask if it’s ever appropriate to fib to your kids. As Loni and Adrienne noted, in this scenario you can say it’s a “birthday week” or a “birthday celebration.” What matters here is that John was able to be a part of the festivities.

Adrienne said, “The memories they made that day will completely overshadow the little fib.”

Jeannie said her parents always lied to her about her birthday, and she doesn’t mind! She still celebrates when it works for everyone and would rather pick a time when people can make it!

Tamera added that because she’s so naturally transparent, she would have to remain pretty honest. “Even though my 3-year-old wouldn’t remember if I told her it wasn’t her birthday, I would actually tell her and say, ‘Hey, daddy has to work on Sunday, but we’re actually going to celebrate your birthday for two days. How cool is that? We’ll go to Disneyland on a Wednesday because we all can be there, but on Sunday before daddy leaves for work, he’s going to leave you a little something special underneath your pillow or under your bed.” That way, when she wakes up she still gets to acknowledge the actual day.

So, when is it okay to fib to children? For Tam, you have to do what’s right for your family. “I learned when I judged other moms and then they judged me in return, it didn’t feel good. I’m not going to judge other moms who think this is the best way to handle a child’s birthday. I would be okay with it if it doesn’t hurt her in the moment.” It depends on the child’s age, she added.

Are there ever situations when you think it’s okay to fib to your children?


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