Trevor Noah on How He 'Finds the Funny'

You probably already know this, but being funny just comes naturally to Trevor Noah!

“The Daily Show” host sat down with the ladies of “The Real” for Friday’s show, and in addition to discussing why late-night TV has evolved, and sharing his Donald Trump impression, he opened up about how he always finds the funny, even in serious situations.

Tamera asked him if he’s able to unplug, read or watch the news without looking for the comedy in things, and as it turns out, for Trevor, he’s never not finding the funny.

“No, I look for the comedy in everything,” he responded. “I don’t live life without seeing the comedy. A lot of people ask me that. They go, 'As a comedian, are you thinking of the funny or does the funny just happen?’ It’s just happening to me.”

Trevor revealed that he was in the hospital once getting surgery for his voice, and even when he was terrified, he was laughing! When he was put in a robe with his butt sticking out, he kept wondering, “Why do I need my butt out for the throat surgery?” He couldn’t stop giggling and the doctor asked him if he found the whole thing funny!

“That’s how my mind works, I’m always thinking of the funny. Where I can find it,” Trevor added.

Do you relate to Trevor? What’s one thing that never fails to make you laugh, no matter the situation?


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