Tamera’s Kids Said Dada Before Mama!

Cardi B and Offset’s baby girl Kulture just reached a major milestone. Offset recently shared an Instagram Story video that showed off the 9-month-old as she said “dada” as he encouraged her. “Yes finally,” Offset wrote over the clip.

Kulture’s growing vocabulary got the ladies of “The Real” talking on Tuesday’s show. Would you mamas out there be upset if your baby said dada before mama? It turns out, Tam has personal experience with this!

“Yeah! I took it personally!” Tam revealed. “Both of my kids said dada first.”

“There was a moment where Adam and I were literally competing with each other,” Tam also admitted, mimicking how the two of them used to urge the kids to say one another’s respective parent monikers.

Tamera pointed to research that says that if your child says dada first it could mean mommy and baby are super close, because the infant recognizes “dada” is independent and they can separate themselves from the mommy and daughter bond.

For Adrienne, she would be proud if her child uttered dada early on. “I actually would feel happy if my baby said dada first, because I don’t think fathers get enough credit. I think that when a father is really active in a child’s life, that’s the most beautiful thing. So, I think if my child said dada, I’d be like, ‘We’re doing something right. My man is the bomb. He’s a great dad,' and I would feel really good about that.”

How would you feel if your child said another word before mama? What was your first word?


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