Can You Keep a Secret?

If you’re entrusted with a secret, are you the type to spill or keep your mouth shut?

The ladies of “The Real” got to talking about secret-keeping skills on Wednesday’s show while discussing Marvel fans trying to avoid spoilers for “Avengers: End Game.”

Which one of the hosts is prone to spilling? All fingers pointed to Loni! “She’s always sipping the tea,” remarked Tamera.

Adrienne added, “Somehow, Loni always got the tea before the rest of us anyway. How do you always know everything before we do?"

Loni responded, “People just give me information!”

Jeannie says she can absolutely keep a secret and it’ll “go down six feet under” with her, but you have to tell her it’s a secret, and insisted, “You gotta let me know.” If what you’re telling Jeannie isn't clearly a secret, she might let the intel loose.

Tamera is good at secrets too, exclaiming, “I’m a vault!”

Do you consider yourself a solid secret-keeper, or are you inclined to let information slip?


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