'The Real' Hosts Talk Choosing Baby Names!

It’s true, folks. One expectant mom signed a contract with her husband that stated her soon-to-be bundle of joy’s name would be Tiger if Tiger Woods won the Masters.

Tiger did indeed take the victory, so there’s going to be a Tiger Little welcomed to the world come September.

Would you let your spouse choose your child’s name? The ladies of “The Real” discussed the possibility on Thursday’s show, weighing in on whether they would sign off on a lifelong gamble like this.

“For me, personally, we ain’t playing with my baby names,” Adrienne revealed, noting that Tiger is actually a cute name, but she’s been thinking about her options for a while. She and Israel named their kids before they got married, but don’t expect her to share the choices right now, although Jeannie says they’re unique!

Adrienne added, “I think that that’s significant. I think that’s so important and special. It’s what they’re going to be called for the rest of their lives!”

Tamera thinks both people need to love their child’s name. She and Adam took Aden and Ariah’s names seriously, and researched their meanings. When she’s calling their names, she knows she’s professing something positive, she explained.

Mama Mai named Jeannie after an iconic TV character from… where else? “I Dream of Jeannie.” Jeannie revealed, “I’m so thankful that I love the show, I love the intention behind it. She said she dreamed of a daughter and she had me.” Her mom watched “I Dream of Jeannie” when she needed to take her mind off the pain from giving birth after opting out of an epidural, so that’s how she came to Jeannie’s namesake!

Jeannie joked, “When I’m in a good mood I think, ‘Oh, my God. I dream of Jeannie. She thought about a daughter.’ When I’m in a bad mood I think about how she just got my name because she tried to save some money!”

Real fam, does your name have a special meaning? What are some of your favorite baby names?


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