What Kind of Tutorial Are You Cut Out to Teach?

Snoop Dogg is the latest celebrity to get in on the makeup tutorial trend… sort of.

Snoop recently narrated popular beauty blogger Nikkie de Jager’s makeup application video, and it turns out he’s a natural!

What kind of a tutorial would the hosts of “The Real” be apt to take on? They chatted about the possibilities on Thursday, revealing how they could put their skills to work.

Tamera’s love of wine gives her the knowledge to show people how to properly taste wine. “A lot of people don’t really know,” she said, before serving up some tips on the subject.

Jeannie would use her fashion expertise to show people how to get dressed for a hot date. “I would be the one to be like, ‘Girl, this is ‘bout to be your night!’"

Jeannie added, “I would hook you up so well so that you would feel so saucy, and you would have fun, because most women, when they get dressed, they don’t have fun doing it, you know?”

Adrienne brought up the ironic idea of her giving driving lessons! Imagine her being the voice of your GPS! Even though Adrienne admits she doesn’t drive and has a bad sense of direction, Jeannie thinks she gives precise directions.

Loni says she would probably teach a how-to on basic car repair. Go to Loni if you need to know how to change a tire, change oil, or look for trouble in your engine.

If you were to lead a tutorial, what would it be? How could you impart your knowledge to others?


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