Why Adrienne Needs Her Own Space As a Grown Woman

Would you be willing to live with your parents? “The Real” hosts discussed their opinions on whether they would be willing to on Friday’s show, and if they would be open to dating someone who still resided at home.

For Loni, she would need to know why the person was living at home, potentially considering if they were going through an emotional time in their lives. “If you can’t afford it, you might not be able to afford to date.”

Adrienne values her independence, explaining, “I think the greatest compliment I could ever give to my mom or the greatest compliment she can hear is that I’m an independent woman. That’s why I wouldn’t want to go back to living with my mom. She raised to, I know this sounds weird, there is a certain way that I like my home. I’m a bit OCD. I did get that from her, she’s a very clean woman. It’s still my home and she always takes great pleasure in how I set up my different homes even when I moved, even when I had little apartments in New York City. It’s still my space and my home. And at 35-years-old I require that and she respects that. I love to go visit my mom, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I need my own space as a grown woman.”

Mama Mai lives in Jeannie’s house and she loves sharing space with her right now. “For anybody who moves back or that takes that time, there’s something that a parent adds in that area of love that you need to just feel comforted and just feel like I’m safe and I’m okay.” Even when they argue, it’s their love language.

Real fam, what you be open to sharing space with your family? Would you date someone who lived with a parent?


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