Porsha Williams Isn’t Stressing About the Postpartum Snapback

Porsha Williams gave birth to her first daughter, Pilar Jhena McKinley, on March 22, and it sounds as though she’s not worrying about snapping back into pre-baby shape.

Porsha appears to be enjoying her time as a new mom, and as she revealed to People, she’s in no hurry to stress over her body.

“I’ve done the opposite of what people do when they get shamed online. They hide because you shame them,” Williams told People. “I actually post pictures with fitting clothes, still showing my postpartum. I’m proud of it. I’m going to bounce back naturally, and I’m not going to stress myself.”

Porsha has been celebrating motherhood on social media since Pilar’s birth, sharing photos of her and fiancé Dennis McKinley and their precious newborn. Porsha welcomed her “rainbow baby” via C-section after enduring a miscarriage with ex Kordell Stewart, has suffered fibroids, and had a myomectomy.

“I officially don’t care what I look like,” Porsha wrote in an Instagram Story in early April, calling Pilar “the end all be all” next to the hashtags #obsessed #PjsWorld and #newNormal.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is currently prioritizing herself and her family, and adjusting to her latest chapter in life instead of focusing on her physical appearance.

“I think for anyone who just gave birth and is trying to get used to her brand-new body, it’s difficult, right? And you wouldn’t want anybody to add to how stressful [new parenthood is] and how you mentally think about yourself. You don’t want them to add to the stress of that,” she also explained to People.

Mommyhood looks good on Porsha! It seems like she’s eliminating unnecessary stress, maintaining a positive attitude, and embracing her “new normal.”


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