Do You Get Dressed Up to Travel?

Cardi B was recently seen working a, um, unique travel ensemble at the airport — a cozy terrycloth bathrobe and some fuzzy slippers.

This isn’t the only time the world-famous rapper has chosen comfort over constricting clothing while out and about. She’s been spotted wearing an oversized blanket, as well as another robe. Would you wear a robe at the airport like Cardi?

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Real,” Jeannie weighed in on how she likes to style herself when she’s traveling. Jeannie explained, “Personally, when I fly, I like to look fly, because I feel good when I look good.” She added that whatever you decide to wear on a flight, “You just gotta make it fashion. You just got a little something.”

Jeannie’s tip to take Cardi’s airport attire up a notch? Throw on a pair of dope sunglasses.

Tamera has a personal approach to airplane apparel. She said, “I like to dress to impress when I fly. I think maybe it’s my old school way of thinking. When we were younger we didn’t have enough money to fly, you know what I mean? Still, to me, it’s a privilege to fly. I think about the entire experience. I get ready for my flight. I have my outfit. I have my playlist. I have my coloring books. I have my satin pillow with my satin mask because I know, you want to get a little sleep.”

Tam considers herself a fun flying companion, and Adrienne agrees!

Are you like Tamera? Do you take pride in your travel outfit, or do you just throw on whatever when you’re ready to fly the skies?


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