Here’s How Queen Latifah’s Mom Initially Responded to Her Stage Name!

The world knows Dana Elaine Owens by the name Queen Latifah, but not everyone was a fan of the now iconic moniker before it went on to be known around the world.

According to Latifah’s recent sit-down with "NBC Nightly News," her mom Rita Owens poked fun at the royal title.

“My mother kinda laughed… She was like, ‘Queen? I ain’t calling you Queen,’” Latifah told Cynthia McFadden about what happened when she decided to merge the Arabic name.

Latifah added, “I think that’s wonderful thing about a woman, we can be soft and we can be soft and kind of sensitive,” talking about the softer sounding nature of Latifah united with the bolder term Queen.

Latifah previously spoke about her famous stage name, telling Rachael Ray in 2015, “My mother raised me to believe me to believe that all women are queens and should be treated as such. The name Latifah means delicate, sensitive, kind, nice, and I always loved the meaning of that name, so I chose this as my rap name, my nickname. That’s where Queen Latifah came from.”

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Real fam, what would your ideal stage name be? Have you ever changed your name, and if so, how did your family and friends take it?


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