Friday Feelings! 'Real' Quotes About True Love

Whether you’re in longterm relationship, just dipping your toes in the waters of romance, or you’re single and feeling you right now, love of yourself or someone else might be on the brain.

The ladies of “The Real” have talked a lot about the mushy subject, and they always keep it honest and open about all things lovey-dovey.

Love is in the air, fam, and these quotes about what that L word actually means are on point.

When “The Real” hosts talked about if love keeps you from meeting your professional and personal goals, Adrienne questioned if a love was really true if it didn’t inspire you to be a better person.

She pondered, “Is it really love if it doesn’t inspire you? Is it really love if it doesn’t make you want to be better and believe in yourself. I really do believe that there are certain people in your life that I like to call purpose partners. I think that if that person encourages you, motivates you, makes you want to believe that you can do anything, then that’s who you should be with.”

Jeannie always preaches self-love as the greatest love of all! She said, “I think it’s really unfair to blame the distraction of love, or love itself on the other person, because that’s why I sit here always talking about self-love. If you prioritize yourself, you’ll know what order of chain of people and things come after that, and that’s when a relationship can thrive. You gotta take care of yourself first and then the relationship will thrive that you put after."

She also doesn’t like when people say “they don’t have time for love.” According to Jeannie, you make time for yourself and that makes time for all the “gushiness around you.”

Loni has said that you might want to know what you want in order to get to the love that fulfills you, and you shouldn’t settle for “struggle love.” Loni insisted, “You want a loyal love. You want love where you don’t mind just sitting in a car and you guys are okay together.” Yes!

Tamera and Loni both agree that true love takes time. Tamera said, “Sometimes people think true love is perfect love, it’s that movie love. Sometimes movies don’t show after the fact, after like five, six, seven years. I do think true love exists, come on!”

True love takes growth, she added. “That’s true love though, growth. When you have growth in a relationship, companionship, mutual respect.”

Real fam, what does true love mean to you? How do you know when a love is real?


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