What Does Success Mean to You?

Does success necessarily equal making money? After a video surfaced of Steve Harvey professing that “rich people don’t sleep eight hours a day,” the clip sparked a social media debate, prompting some to weigh in, saying they work multiple jobs, don’t get enough sleep, and still aren’t wealthy.

The hosts of “The Real” discussed the controversial concept on Wednesday’s episode, asking if people are sleeping their success away.

Adrienne noted that there’s a difference between sleeping your success away, and killing yourself for success and money. “In my personal opinion, health is wealth and when you’re killing yourself and you’ve got high blood pressure because you’re stressing yourself working, no money in the world can pay for your health. If doctors and some people in the health profession area are telling you you should get eight hours of sleep, you might want to listen to the wisdom of a medical professional. That I have an issue with. I’m all for working smarter, not working harder. A lot of us are killing ourselves in things that are not going to make us more successful, and for me, what is success? Success is relative – it’s what you think success is. For me, success is spending time with my family and my husband, and not killing myself working.”

Loni said, “There are single moms out there that are working two or three jobs and they don’t even get eight hours of sleep.” Loni understands the motivation aspect, but feels sometimes people are dealt a bad hand in life, and are often doing the best they can.

Tamera added that words like Steve’s can be taken literally, and for her, it’s all about balance in life. “I think the whole gist of his message is if you want success, you’ve got to work hard."

Jeannie thinks it depends on what you want, and there’s a difference between getting a job that will suffice for just what you need, rather than if you’re paving a path for yourself that is unlike any other. “I would rather follow my passion, and not feel like I'm drained 24/7, by feeling I’m alive and chasing a dream that was meant for me... and that takes hustle.”

Real fam, what’s your definition of success in life?


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