What’s Off Limits When Talking to Your Mom?

It’s almost Mother’s Day, which means it’s the perfect time to chat about how open we are with our mamas, and vice versa. In conversations with your mother, which topics do you think are completely off limits?

The ladies of “The Real” got to talking about which discussions are no-nos when they’re with their parents, and of course, they kept things real.

Adrienne knows that she can talk to her mom about anything, but she doesn’t need to tell her mother everything! “There are just things that are just inappropriate, out of respect.” For instance, a convo about sexual positions would probably be off the table! Adrienne laughed, “And the reason I don’t want to talk to her about is because I don’t want her to tell me about it!”

Jeannie is really close to Mama Mai, and she noticed that once you make a parent feel like they’re your friend and you can really get deep about personal issues as adults, then when they tell you stuff, you can’t un-visualize it!

While Loni’s mom is old-school and doesn’t hold back, Loni didn’t bring up financial struggles in the past because she didn’t want her to worry!

For Tamera, her mom’s uncanny discernment will uncover any secrets Tam is holding back! “She’s too honest, so I can talk to my mom about everything. I just have to be prepared to hear the truth.”

Real fam, do you talk to your family about everything, or are there just some subjects that are just absolutely off limits?


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