Yvette Nicole Brown Is a Steadfast Crinkle Cut Fry Defender!

It’s a snack debate for the ages! When Adrienne, Jeannie, Tamera, Loni and Yvette Nicole Brown analyzed the merits of four types of French fries on Tuesday’s show, Yvette did not hold back in staying loyal to the controversial crinkle cut!

Allow her to hilariously explain her reasoning (which, coincidentally, rhymes with seasoning): "Crinkle cut is the perfect fry, one, because of the crinkle. Sometimes they’re a little crispy. Sometimes they’re a little soft. You get the best of both worlds – the salt lays right in that crinkle, so every bite you get gets a little bit of salt. I’m not going to fight this all day, crinkle cut is the winner!”

Yvette added that the seasoned curly isn’t worthy of the top title because it’s all about the seasoning, which you’re not going to like if you don’t like the seasoning! Oh, and she’ll judge you if you eat it!

Tam is not down with the crinkle cut, and agrees with Jeannie, because they were never good when you got them in school. Adrienne asked if the waffle fry has the same effect as the curly fry, but as Yvette — who appeared to take on the role of French fry aficionado — noted that if done correctly, they will, but the crinkle cut is always good!

Then things got lively! Jeannie thinks the “steak fry is a lazy fry,” to which Tam responded, “It’s the OG fry.”

Loni doesn’t care, as long as they’re hot!

So, Real fam, is there one snack you’ll defend to the end? What’s a food you like that nobody else does?


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