Why You Can’t Fix Yourself on the Outside Without Being Happy with Yourself Inside

Yes, undergoing plastic surgery to look like a celebrity is a real thing, and a woman shelled out a pretty penny to resemble the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

The ladies of “The Real” chatted about whether they would be freaked out if someone went under the knife to look like one of them on Wednesday.

At first, Tamera felt she would be flattered, but then she would have some words of wisdom for the person. “Sweetie, there’s only one Tamera. There’s only one you. You need to go and be you, because everyone else is taken.”

Adrienne understands that dressing or doing makeup to emulate someone is understandable, but actually undergoing surgery is another level.

According to Tam and Jeannie, feeling good is all about loving yourself! Jeannie said, “The deeper problem is this... When you’re not happy with the way you look, you can get it fixed, and on the surface you’ll do whatever you want. But I truly don’t believe that once somebody enhances the way they look because they’re not happy with the way they are inside, it will revisit you later. If you aren’t happy with your nose or whatever God gave you, if you didn’t inherently have what you need, go and accept that, you sure aren’t going to have it when they go and give you a fake nose, so you got to figure out how to love yourself!”

Do you agree with the ladies on this one? What tips do you have for learning to love yourself?


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