Khloé Kardashian Opens Up About Staying ‘Civilized’ with Tristan Thompson for True

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson went through a highly publicized breakup earlier this year after his cheating scandal involving Jordyn Woods. Now Khloé is revealing how she and her ex are keeping things civil for the sake of their 13-month-year-old daughter, True.

Khloé spoke candidly on Laura Wasser’s “Divorce Sucks!” podcast, according to TMZ, where she admitted that the she “does everything in her power” to keep her emotions in check while dealing with the split so they don’t affect True, and she’s working to peacefully co-parent.

“It does [suck] and there's moments that because our personal emotions are still in there, and for me, you know, Tristan and I broke up not too long ago, so it's really raw, and so those emotions could be heightened at times," Khloé shared.

Khloé added, “True is 1 and like a month old, so she doesn't really know what's happening, but to me she does know, and she feels energy and I'm a big believer of that, so I do everything in my power to not put any sort of heavy energy around her. Maybe that sounds a little too, like, bohemian to some people, but…”

Khloé and Tristan got together to celebrate at True’s lavish first birthday party last month, an event Khloé wanted her daughter to remember fondly one day.

Khloé said of Tristan, “I know he’s a great person, I know he loves her and cares about her, so I wanted him to be there, and it was civilized and we did it.”


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