‘The Real’ Discusses Marital Sacrifices

Can you sacrifice too much for a relationship? The ladies of “The Real” talked about what kind of compromises are made in a marriage and why maintaining your own life outside of your partner’s can be beneficial.

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams’ ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee opened up about what she gave up in order to support her former husband’s career and their children, which got the Loni, Adrienne, Jeannie and Tamera questioning if they and other women can relate to her sacrifices.

Loni noted that Tamera still has a life of her own, even though she’s married. “I think the mistake that a lot of women make is, and I don’t care if you’re married or in a relationship, you have to have your own even if you raise your kids.”

Tamera added that she’s been able to stay true to herself and her professional passions, and thanks Adam for supporting her dreams and desires. She thinks that while it’s difficult to be a working mom pursuing your dreams, you just have to go for it and have a good support system. “Even though you get married, don’t lose who you were before.”

Adrienne noted that in all relationships there are some sacrifices that we have to make, but she questioned whether the other person is at fault if things don’t work out. “In life nothing is guaranteed,” she said, adding that she should make moves that hopefully she won’t regret in 20 years. “You can’t put that on somebody else.”

Loni supported Aryn, pointing out that “sometimes we get so caught up in the love, we get caught up in the relationship,” and might not know what your partner is thinking. “You really got to pay attention to what your partner is doing and thinking so that you can have protection.”

Adrienne said that she and Israel discussed how they would approach certain life changes before they got married, and that conversations about your needs are important to have before dilemmas arise. “Marriage is for better or worse, and sometimes it’s going to go worse.”


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