When Gabrielle & Dwyane's Surrogate Found Out She'd Be Carrying for Them

Gabrielle Union is known for keeping it real about fertility struggles and her road to motherhood, and now the actress is opening up about how she connected with the surrogate who carried her daughter, Kaavia James.

She and husband Dwyane Wade welcomed their first daughter together in November of 2018, and in an interview for Shondaland, Gabrielle discussed the process and how she formed a connection with the woman who gave birth to Kaavia.

Before Gabrielle and Dwyane interviewed their surrogate, the woman was initially unaware that she would be meeting with the an A-list actress and an NBA superstar.

Gabrielle revealed, “[At first], she didn't know that it was us, although I knew all about her. So when we met, she walked in and was like, "Oh!" I didn’t know what that meant, and she was like, "I have your book on hold at four different libraries." [laughs] I said, "I think I can get you a copy!"

The two of them quickly bonded over a shared love of reading. “That, for me, was the sign,” she added. They “were together quite a lot” throughout the pregnancy, had a group chat with their respective husbands, and “still communicate to this day.”

When selecting a surrogate, “race wasn’t an issue” for her. “For us, we wanted: She has her own kids, a husband, she's done this before, she knew what she was doing. There was no need for us to micromanage.”

In her book “We’re Going to Need More Wine,” Gabrielle detailed how she dealt with difficulty conceiving, went through IVF, and endured multiple miscarriages prior to being diagnosed with adenomyosis.

Gabrielle additionally spoke to Shondaland about how there should be more education and open dialogue about infertility, understanding the female body, and what she would like to clear up regarding misconceptions about surrogacy.

She shared, “I thought this was pretty common knowledge, but my own dad keeps asking about this, and if he's still confused, maybe others are as well. And that is: A gestational carrier [like ours] has no genetic tie to the baby. You are implanting an embryo that has zero shared DNA with your surrogate. There are other forms of surrogacy: Someone you might know could carry her own egg and the man's sperm; some babies are conceived with donor sperm and donor egg. Each journey is different.”


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