Adam, Israel & James on Setting an Example for Their Kids

How should dads teach their daughters about dating? According to a recent Instagram post, James Van Der Beek has a theory: set the bar high.

He wrote alongside a shot of him and his little girl, Olivia, “Dads, date your daughters. Drive responsibly, put down your phone, invest in everything they have to say and treat them like they’re the most valuable human in the room, if not the world. And then (theoretically), once they start dating for real, they’ll have a bar... and anyone who doesn’t meet that bar, you won’t have to tell them - they’ll make that call for themselves.”

“The Real” discussed the message on Friday’s show when Israel, James and Adam stopped by for a guys’ takeover, asking the men how they felt about the advice.

James doesn’t call that dating, he calls it “quality time” and “a chance to bond.”

Adam added to James’ thoughts by saying it’s important to teach daughters self-worth. “If that means going on a date to show her what that’s like when she gets older, yes, but for me, with Ariah, I just love her to be able to come to me. I want her all throughout her childhood and when she becomes an adult.”

Tamera agrees that Adam really sets an example. “He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.”

Israel isn’t stuck on the semantics. “To James Van Der Beek’s point, I would love to set the bar for whatever dude comes along when you’re 16, 18, 20. He would pick his daughter up in a limo, send flowers and take her for dinner wherever she wanted!” As Adrienne shared, she admires and is inspired by that approach and the bond he’s formed.

Real fam, do you agree with the guys? How do you think fathers should set an example for their daughters’ future dates?


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