Do You Cry at the Movies?

Most of us have been there. One minute you’re chomping on some popcorn, innocently taking in a movie, and the next you’re covered in tears during a scene or as the credits roll!

Israel, Adam, and James stopped by “The Real” for a guys’ takeover, and the gentlemen got the chance to “hit reply” on past remarks their ladies made about them.

Do you recall earlier in the season when Loni blew up James’ spot for getting weepy while watching “A Star Is Born”? Now it's his chance to talk about the waterworks in question!

James’ reply? “I might have gotten a little sentimental. I might have had a little watering… Okay, I cried.” Apparently, another guy on the other side of Loni was sobbing as well, so he didn’t feel so bad!

Do the other guys get teary-eyed during a particularly moving film? Even though Tamera thought Adam was walking away after “A Star Is Born” to cry, he revealed he was just going to the bathroom after the long movie! Adam gets emotional during “true life” stories, the ones he knows are true stories. Israel joked that he bawls through “Home Alone,” of all films.

While Adrienne never cries, she’ll often wake up to Israel’s blubbering. “I’m very in touch with all that,” Israel admitted, which the ladies appreciated.

Real fam, are you a constant movie crier, or do your eyes stay dry in the theater?


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