'The Real' Hosts Reveal What the Current Chapter of Their Lives Would Be Called

In the story of each of our lives, the chapters vary. Some are more dramatic, some have happy endings, some have trials, and some have triumphs. When the hosts of “The Real” tried to define the current chapter in their respective lives by naming them, their responses were anything but ordinary.

Tamera was fond of the title “Freaky Forties” (which has a nice ring to it!), but her true choice was actually “More Than a Conqueror.” She explained, “The previous end of last year I lost my niece, I lost my grandmother, all within, like, two months of each other. I was a victim of social media bullying, but you know what? Because of those things, it did not kill me. I’m actually a stronger person, and I learned a lot.”

Adrienne admitted her chapter might have a “cheesy” name, but she likes it: “Happily Ever Houghton.” She’s the happiest she’s ever been in her whole life! “I legit have no complaints,” she said. “I feel so fulfilled in the things that I’m doing.” Aww.

Loni’s chapter shouted out the late Nipsey Hussle: “The Marathon Continues!” “I just keep on moving. I just keep on going. I keep on going, and that’s what’s called a marathon.” She’s enjoying her marathon.

Jeannie ditched a “deep” title for a more playful one. “Shoot, I would name mine, ‘Wham, Bam, Thirst Trapping on the ‘Gram!”

As Adrienne noted, “Not every chapter of your life is going to be all serious and deep.”

Real fam, your turn! What would you call this chapter in your life?


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