Are TV Shows Replacing Your Sex Life?

It appears that for some couples, “Netflix and chilling” is leading to a decline in getting it on. According to research, people are choosing shows over sex!

Jeannie points to the fact that TV is having a moment right now, and there’s so much good stuff to tune in to, but says she would choose sex over watching television any day!

Adrienne thinks watching a show that puts you in the mood can boost your drive. Tamera only likes to binge when she’s catching up on a season. That’s her way of dating with Adam when they’re unable to go out. “I watch “Game of Thrones.” He watches “Game of Thrones.” We have a glass of wine together and then we have a little good time afterwards.”

Adrienne added, “Watch the sexy shows and then you’ll finish and be like, ‘Ooh.’”

Loni thinks the problem is we’re so involved with our phones and TVs that we need to step back and get used to human contact. People are even posting their dates in real-time on Instagram!

For the most part, the best and most intimate parts of Adrienne’s life take place off of social media. “Hang out with people that make you forget you have a phone” is a saying she loves.

Do you feel like all the binge-able content out there is you keeping on the couch, and out of the bedroom? Real fam, what do you like to watch on date night?


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