Beauty Spotlight: Yara Shahidi’s Unique, Drawn-On Eyeliner

Yara Shahidi is an actress and bona fide fashion maven, and her beauty game never fails to make us take notice. Yara turns out all sorts of makeup styles — at the Met Gala she stepped out in style, rocking crystals around one of her eyes!

Yara’s far-out approach often includes brightly-colored eyeliner, but she doesn’t always just wear it on her lids. She takes an outside-the-lines attitude and has “drawn” on her face, as seen in a makeup tutorial she just did for Vogue, in which she discusses her inspo and routine.

“I ended up doing this because I would just play around with eyeliner because your face is a palette,” she said, as she showed how to achieve the look.

She added, “It may sound super cheesy but I genuinely feel most beautiful when I’m listening to great music and when I’ve been taking care of myself.”

Yara has shown off the style, noting that “everything can be a canvas.”

She has even put purple on her eyebrows!

She’s definitely not afraid of bright colors.

Yara is definitely proving herself to be a modern beauty icon, and we can’t wait to see what other new trend she’ll popularize!

Real fam, who are some of your beauty icons?


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