What Do People Brag About That Annoys You?

We can all relate to a situation in which someone can’t help but bragging about a topic that just doesn’t impress us. From dating to money to kids, convos happen that are infused with boasting. When the ladies of “The Real” debated the subjects people often brag about that irk them, they didn’t hold back!

Loni isn’t here to hear about your sexual positions or your bedroom flexibility! She also doesn’t want to know about things people think she doesn’t know about, like a fancy hotel or trip.

Jeannie is turned off by those who aren’t aware that they’re advertising their wealth. She noted that “when somebody drops ‘I own this’ or ‘I made this much money,” “they don’t hear how they’re rattling off a list of how wealthy they are.”

When Tam hears people brag, she thinks she just tunes them out. She would rather have someone else discuss her accomplishments, and she gets annoyed by moms who flaunt how great they are at parenting.

For Adrienne, it depends on who’s doing the bragging. “If I care about you, I will care about anything you’ve got going on!”

Real fam, what do people brag about that you don’t want to hear about?


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