Tiffany Haddish Admits She Used to Leave Her Phone in Auditions

Tiffany Haddish had an, er, interesting approach to getting feedback from casting directors when she was starting out as an actress. In a Hollywood Reporter Comedy Actress Roundtable, the comedian confessed she used to "accidentally" leave her phone in casting rooms to get in-depth insight into their thoughts on her auditions!

Tiffany told fellow comedic actresses Alex Borstein, Regina Hall, Natasha Lyonne, Maya Rudolph and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, “You know what I'd do? I'd put my phone on voice memo and put it in my bag, I'd do the audition, walk out the room and leave my bag.”

She went on to reveal she would return and tell them that she forgot her purse. What did Tiffany hear upon playing back the memos?

Tiffany recalled the criticism, “’She is not as urban as I thought she'd be.’ Or they would be like, ‘She is so ghetto,’ ‘Her boobs aren't big enough,’ and 'I really think we should just go with a white girl.’”

When Maya Rudolph asked her how many rooms she left her phone in, Tiffany admitted, “A lot!”

Tiffany went on to share that she used the classified comments to write jokes, but also so she could “grow” as a performer.

Tiffany has been open about her difficult rise to fame. Last month, she posted a throwback of her early standup days, recalling her former “homeless, hungry, scared, and hurt” past. Her message to her younger self? “Tiffany Sara Cornilia Haddish I Love and Approve of you and most of all God does too. You are prefect enough for both of us right now and always.”


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