Why Patti Stanger Uses THIS Term Instead of Soulmate

Some people might be looking for a long-term relationship with a “soulmate,” but Patti Stanger has a more practical approach to what you should be searching for in a potential partner.

According to Patti, you need to look at the bigger picture and the future. You want someone who’s in it for the long haul, making sure that “this is a compatible mate for the rest of the of your life. I don’t call them soulmates, I call them lifemates.”

The "Millionaire Matchmaker" imparted her romance words of wisdom on “The Real,” revealing the number one thing you have to do when you’re dating. “You have to decide what you want, and not switch to the other side of the street just because it’s chemistry. You have to say chemistry is not one hundred percent. There’s financial things you have to talk about, there’s family things — if they want a kid and you don’t want a kid, forget it. If I want to get married, and you don’t want to get married, forget it! Next, next, next. You are the deal. You are the deal.”

As for dating don’ts... don’t talk about your ex right away! The topic will eventually come up when you’re ready, but it’s not a first date conversation. Patti insists, "Your date does not want to become your therapist.”

Real fam, do you believe in soulmates, or are you looking for a “lifemate”?


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