Bow Wow Dancing with His Daughter Is Too Adorable

Bow Wow showed off a father-daughter dance-off with his 8-year-old little girl, Shai. The two got in on the “The Whoa” viral dance craze on social media, and Shai proved she’s a natural performer!

Rapper and actor Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, has been entertaining since he was a tween, so it’s no surprise that his daughter inherited his skills, plus Shai’s mom Joie Chavis happens to be a dancer and model.

Shai turned 8 last month, and Bow Wow took the time to wish his “princess” happy birthday with a message on Instagram.

He wrote, “Daughter - watching you grow up has been many things, joyful, impactful, and even stressful. Above all though, it has been the most meaningful part of my life and i love you so much! Happy 8th birthday to my princess.”

He shared another dance video that same day from what appeared to be Shai’s birthday celebration, this time flaunting his “Old Time Road” moves!


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