Cutest Compromise Ever! Watch Chrissy Teigen Negotiate Candy with Luna

“Candy Court” is in session! If you need to reason with your 3-year-old, take a page out of Chrissy Teigen’s parenting playbook. The model, host and cookbook author’s daughter Luna is already a skillful negotiator, and Chrissy’s got the video evidence to prove it!

Chrissy shared two videos to Instagram that feature little Luna arguing her case for some candy. How much candy is she allowed? Well, that was all up to the candy court’s decision. Chrissy is seen banging a fake gavel as the intense negotiations commence, as dad John Legend looks on.

“Tell me why you deserve the candy,” Chrissy prompts.

“I want the candy ‘cause I want it,” Luna pleads, “I like it.”

That wasn’t quite reason enough for Chrissy, who wanted Luna to explain why she needs the candy.

“I like it,” Luna reiterates. Okay, then.

Next up: further negotiations. Will Luna be good and not scream at night if she is given the candy? She agrees. Then, mommy and daughter bargain for how much candy is to be granted. After some adorable dealmaking, a settlement is agreed upon! Now THAT’s how it’s done.

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candy court is in session. part 1/2.

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we have reached a settlement.

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Chrissy has been open about her parenting approach, especially now that she has two children — her son Miles just turned 1. She told Good Housekeeping in April about the unexpected ups and downs that come with motherhood, saying, "As soon as you think you have it down, something changes, and they go through a different phase. That's the fun part. It helps you understand that not everything is going to be perfect all the time. As soon as you find something that works, it stops working, so you can't be too hard on yourself about it."

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