Here’s Why Ava DuVernay Doesn’t Like Being Called 'Auntie'

Ava DuVernay can be called a director, writer, producer, Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner, but there’s one title she’s not very fond of: Auntie. In an interview with Van Lathan for his The Red Pill podcast, the “When They See Us” director revealed that she’s not exactly into being referred to as “Auntie Ava.”

Ava noted that she gets labeled auntie on Twitter, and she’s not here for it! “Let me just say, why? I mean, am I that old? Because I don’t feel that old.”

When Van noted that he’s from the south and that’s why he feels like he should address her as “Ms. Ava” out of respect, Ava responded with the defense that she and him are not that far off in age!

Van went on to explain, “I feel that there there’s more the weight that you bring, the importance,” which she appreciated, though she said she’s still “feelin’ some type of way” about the characterization because it recently popped up.

After the conversation found its way to the internet’s attention, “auntie” started trending on Twitter and the debate about the term ensued!

Ava then responded with titles she’ll “happily respond to,” including Queen, Sis, and Ms. DuVernay! (Although Ava is the safest bet.)

Real fam, are you with Ava on this one?


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