Dealing with an ‘I Miss You’ Text from an Ex

Have you ever received an “I miss you” text from an ex? Maybe your former flame is feeling lonely, or looking to reconnect, or perhaps they’re in need of some closure. Whatever their reason for reaching out, the brief message isn’t uncommon, and “The Real” co-hosts and guest April Ryan discussed how they would respond.

Jeannie doesn’t mind replying, "What do you miss?” – so they can spell out their actual feelings for her. Adrienne thinks there’s nothing worse than not replying, so she might intentionally leave the other person hanging! She also admitted, “I won’t front... I'd show it to all my friends.” Then she’d sit and gloat, even though she had no intention of replying.

April Ryan chimed in to reveal she’s gone through this! “I’m saying in my mind, ‘What have you done for me lately?' It’s going to take more than a text. You’ve got to woo me. You’ve got to wine and dine me. You’ve got to show me that you are willing, trying to mend your ways. It’s more than just a text.”

Jeannie added that “I miss you” shouldn’t come in the form of a text, it should come in a phone call or in person. “Exactly,” April agreed, adding, “I’m from that school, you pick up the phone, let’s set a date.” She wants an apology, courtship, and a guarantee that the person has only her in their sights. She also says friendships have developed from someone extending an olive branch!

Loni added that a sincere check-in with an explanation after a two-week absence that could be perceived as “ghosting” worked for her!

Have you ever received an out-of-the-blue text from an ex hoping for reconciliation, or even an “I miss you”? How did you respond?


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